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  • You're Hired! How to get a job at Google and Facebook

    This book goes into detail on what skills tech conglomerates want to see in candidates that they hire and how you can prepare to show those skills to the hiring manager

  • Starting from Scratch: How to go from 0-7 Figures with no money

    This book goes into intricate detail on how our business went from nothing to something (0-7+ figures per year) with no money, no investment, no cash infusion, or business/personal loans. Great insight if you're looking to start your own business and need access to growth techniques!

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  • "They helped me find the right position at the right time that suited my skillset. I am very happy with my current job and kudos to them."

    Vaishnavi Y.Network Engineer
  • "They matched me with a great company and I'm really happy in my current position. I've had the biggest highs in my career through this match."

    Debbrah D.Strategic Account Director


Brandon Omoregie

Founder and CEO

Brandon Omoregie is the founder and CEO of JuicyBlue, a recruiting company that provides top quality talent for hyper-growth companies for sales, marketing and IT departments.

The previous company Brandon founded, (Acquired by an industry leading career bootcamp) taught people how to break into tech jobs with no prior experience.

JuicyBlue currently works with over 30 companies on a global scale including industry giants like Tesla, Ameriprise,, and TPX Communications.

Brandon is an award winning career coach, has written hundreds of resumes and helped hundreds of people get jobs. He is a Forbes contributor and sits on the Forbes San Francisco Business Council.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your books Free?

Usually our e-books are free and our printed editions from time to time will have a small charge required as well as shipping and handling fees to allow us to break even on production costs.

How do I get the ebook I'm interested in?

Check our website blog, this page, or your email for which e-books available for download

What’s the ebook format?

The ebook is in a PDF format. PDFs can be easily opened from almost any device. I also want you to have a great experience while reading the ebook and make sure the design layout is static no matter what screen or software.

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by Brandon Omoregie

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