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Redesign your resume

Learn why your current resume is not getting traction

Learn how to create a resume that gets noticed by the right people, and at the company of YOUR CHOICE!

Access to a real resume template that hiring managers want to see, that you can use TODAY!

Learn How to get your resume past applicant tracking systems designed to FILTER YOU OUT of the hiring process, and into the hiring manager's hands!

Use LinkedIn to get job offers

Learn how to create a LinkedIn profile, and set it up so YOU get CONTACTED by hiring managers and recruiters

Specific things you can do to get noticed by hiring managers at companies in an industry that YOU CHOOSE.

Navigate your career

How to pick a new industry YOU want to work in

Learn how to set REAL ACHIEVABLE GOALS and pick career opportunities that match the lifestyle YOU WANT to have

Learn how to use platforms LinkedIn to NETWORK with successful industry leaders, and moguls and get them to be your mentor, all while building your professional network!

Bonus Benefits

Get access to mentors in our closed door community

Access to a community! Get actionable advice from Founder's and CEOs, executives, and fellow peers navigating their own career paths.

Real time support from our leadership team!your contests

Get almost real time support from our leadership team to help you along with any questions or additional help you might need

Free E-Book - How to get a job in tech with no experience

This book is a guide designed to be used with this course that helps you NAVIGATE yourself into the right career opportunities!

Career success doesn't have to be complicated.

Our community, podcast, articles and video content will allow you to be targeted with your career approach

Learn modules at your own pace, with the support of others taking the same courses that you are

We teach you how to change your mindset so that you can find success faster

Use the skills we teach to find priceless mentors that help you along your journey

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"My goal is to help EVERYONE with their career. That's right. I said EVERYONE. We work with hundreds of career candidates and work with over 30 companies globally. We don't just help people get jobs. We help them navigate their career paths. And we want to help you."Brandon Omoregie - Founder and CEO

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